Sober is here!

Sober Imagery.jpg


Sober is the first official release from KadyRoxz’s Coloured project. Electro-Pop in nature, much like Strawberry Feels and O2B, Sober takes an unapologetic look at the stigma against mental illness and the treatment of them with medication and therapy. An homage to her own struggles with mental health prejudice Roxz cheekily asks, “Would you like me better if I obliterate my liver?” An overall uptempo and feel good track, Sober serves as a positive mantra for those struggling with a spectrum of stigmatized disorders and diseases while “Trying to stay [Sober] on the wagon” during recovery. Challenging nay-sayers to “Say what you gotta say, think what you gotta think” Sober is one to blare pre-meditation or pre-affirmation chanting, in the shower, or in the car.