Strawberry Feels

2017-08-31 KadyRoxz_94-Edit.jpg

KadyRoxz releases debut single Strawberry Feels in collaboration with producer, GeS, and mix engineer, Elliot Sabbagh (ASAP Rocky, Big K.R.I.T, J. Cole).

Strawberry Feels leads as the first release from The EP, Coloured Vol 1, painting the picture of an addictive yet toxic relationship. The bubble gum influenced pop track sets the backdrop for a record on surviving the motions. 

"Coloured has a very intentionally curated tracklist. I didn't want it to be an EP about love (exclusively) I wanted to talk about the motions of life as a non-neurotypical individual. So there are only two songs that reference relationships and the rest of the EP (5 songs total) are focused on what it feels like to be lost - as a human - and recognizing that you're suffering from some negative emotions and personality traits and figuring out how to heal and recover. I spent so much time in this last year just digging out the rot in my soul and it was difficult. So this is my journey but it's also something I've been watching all my friends and classmates go through. So this record is for us. This is for all the non-neurotypicals in a neurotypical world. This is for the kids who know they need to change but don't know how to. This is for the kids who are trying. This is for the kids who keep failing. This is for the kids who are learning how to forgive themselves and how to love themselves while they grow. But to be even more specific, this for the Coloured girls who couldn't drink it away, so they put their foot down and decided to heal come hell or high water. This is Volume 1 of my hell and highwater."

- KadyRoxz on Coloured Vol 1

Strawberry Feels will be available in Digital Stores starting September 13th, 2017. The EP, Coloured Vol 1, is expected to be released in late October with the second single, Orange to Blue, leading the way on October 4th.