Orange 2 Blue (California)

The second track from the Coloured EP is finally here!

2017-08-31 KadyRoxz_222-Edit-3.jpg

After months of teasers and anticipation, the release date of Coloured EP Vol 1 creeps ever closer, with the release of "Orange 2 Blue (California)" as its harbinger. Moody and electronic, Orange 2 Blue, paints the emotive story of having loved and lost and appreciating it despite the feels with lyrics such as "The waves they took me under, won't apologize for blunders, I needed to lose." 

The single falls in line with the record's theme of heartbreak, self-discovery, and recovery; an ode to her struggle with anxiety disorder and clinical depression. 

Brown has partnered with artists of color around the world in all formats (visual, film, and music) to produce projects that bring awareness to the effort of normalizing mental illness in minority communities for the You Matter Organization. 

The track is the second electronic piece from KadyRoxz (the 3rd counting the track she collaborated on for the producer, GeS's Travel Far album) and marks the official change direction of Coloured Vol 1 as an electronic tape.