I Just Did Something Incredibly Stupid

Crying Pink Hair.jpg

What honestly should have been the scariest day of my young adult, millennial, life was eerily enough one of the most serene.

Level headed, with calm, and confidence…. I clicked “Send” on my resignation email.

So many things had bubbled up to this moment…

Things as small as knowing that juggling a Full Time position (although in music) with creating art would never allow me to go from good to great as an artist..

To things as big as….. “Fundamental differences” between my roommates and I and an honest spirit of burnout from the work with little to show for it other than deferred student loans that I can barely afford to pay and still not quite making enough to pay bills, save, finance my art, and live a life.

It all dwindled down to… omg, it’s time.

So much to the disappointment of who I think people like to think I am….

I said Goodbye to New York

Bye newyork.jpg

Undoubtedly stiffing my employer after all of the arrangements that had been made on behalf. and to add insult to injury, I suppose…

I said goodbye to the company altogether.

And sent up a spiritual F U to financial stability and independence all in one swoop…

But I don’t feel bad… and I don’t feel scared. I feel… right.

I do have a tinge of nervousness in my stomach about announcing to my housemates that they will need to find a new roommate… But not because I care much for any difficulties this may cause them, but more-so because the level of hostility in this home has risen to the point where we are no longer on speaking terms. By nature, it gives me anxiety to address people who I know hold bias against me and care little for me… but its part of the process.

Honestly, once the hurdle of releasing liability (my rental contract) is gone, the hardest part is over… well kind of… you could say the most emotionally taxing part is over.

The hard part is literally just beginning.

I do fair with my freelance work, bringing in anywhere between $400 to $800 a month from clients. But there’s no way that I can I pay my car note, my student loans, credit card bills, insurance etc… on that alone. Not to mention that the freelance world is hit or miss.

Whereas it is true that having an open availability will allow me to take on more projects and more clients, I also mustn’t get bogged down in a whirlwind of projects in an effort to cover expenses or I run the risk of facing burn out once again.

The plan is simple really, in theory…


The first thing I’m going to do after my production, Coloured Live, is sleep.


Yas Lawd. I am going to sleep like there is no tomorrow and think of nothing and no one until my dog forces me to get up and address his potty break.

I’m going to sleep. And I am going to wash my hair. And I’m going to line my eyelashes, brows and cuticles with olive oil. And I’m going to read books. And I’m going to sit on the couch of my childhood best friend and catch up. And I’m going to Group FaceTime my best friends from Nashville. And I’m going to watch movies with my nieces… I am going to be human. I am going to experience lightness again. I’m going to be ME.

And when I feel strong enough… I’m going to take everything that I’m teaching you in this blog series and do it in real time, now that I have the space and time to dedicate to it.

I am going to monetize my brand. And its going to because easy because this isn’t luck. This is math. This is understanding your audience and understanding your assets and the place where need meets service.

We are all powerhouses waiting to be accessed. And whereas quitting your 9-5 and moving home isn’t feasible for everyone, I think dedicating just 1 EVERY SINGLE DAY to brand building elements is.

It can be incredibly daunting to start the process of researching and planning just to get to zero which is beginning to execute, but it’s a necessary evil that will revolutionize your entire world.

Or maybe you’re like me… maybe your researching phase is done and you just haven’t made space for yourself to execute.

Everyone wants to go from netting negative to million in 30 days and whereas there are “methods” that claim to teach you how to do that, its simply not feasible. But what you can do, is learn how to go from netting negative to netting up to 100K in 365 days.

That’s real.
That’s feasible.

And you’re about to watch me do it.
And for the bold and the hungry who are ready to dedicate the time and discipline necessary to build a successful brand, I challenge you to join me on this 365 day journey.

If you’re ready, comment “I’m in” below.

School’s in session January 1.