How To Get Results!

My first blog was about the fundamentals of branding.

I gave you a bit of theory… well not theory… I gave you a formula.

A formula for producing brand awareness and in turn profitability.


And immediately after that I challenged you to begin working on actionables. Did you apply them? Or did you tuck them into the back pocket of your memory bank with best intentions to work on them later?

Perhaps we should have started with the fundamentals of getting started on a task and building mental discipline.

There are only two kinds of people in the entire world.

Ones who are reactive and ones who are proactive. Which one are you?

Reactive people are the ones that tend to adopt the mantra that life “just happens” to them. Whereas a proactive person would believe that they are creating their own life through conscious choices and decisions.

Reactive people tend to feel as if all things are out of their control and they usually neglect that in in scenarios that are outside of their influence, such as a natural disaster or an investment gone wrong, they can still control how they react to it. They can still choose what the next step is. This small realization is the thin veil that separates reactive people from proactive ones.

This trait, proactivity, is so powerful that Stephen Covey lists it as the 1st and initial trait to master in one’s journey to become a more effective person in this world. The power of proactivity or the power to choose rather is a power that is unique to the human race.

It is the gift that gives us the ability to be the most dominant species on the planet; this ability to think and rationalize and to be aware of one’s own thoughts and moods instead of simply being a slave to instinct.

This theory is important because it teaches quite a few things, especially in terms of building a skill or building a brand. It means we should feel truly empowered at every turn, every crossroads, every brick wall that we are in fact only as limited as we believe we are.

We see this story time and again in history. The stories of people who overcame the odds, who succeed in in spite of. And yet we somehow perceive this as a rare occurrence. It doesn’t register to us that the one trait we all share across the board is our humanity.

If it’s humanly possible for one. It is humanly possible for all.

The way in which you achieve your goals and the unique timbre or flare that you bring to your skill-set is completely your own. But your ability to achieve any one result, is confirmed in knowing that at least one person has done it.

How do we know if we can be a more skilled singer, performing with ease and without worry, able to monetize our passion for art and song…?

Somebody has done it.

How do we know that we can start a business from scratch, going from 0 to profit in as little as 60 days?

Somebody has done it.

What makes you so inferior?

What makes you so incapable of acquiring the tools necessary to yield the changes and results you’d like to see in your life?

It’s as easy as deciding that you can.

When you decide to be proactive, when you decide that life doesn’t just happen to you, when you decide what to do in the next moment… the art of developing discipline becomes significantly easier.

It’s easier to wake up early and meditate daily.

It’s easier to wake up earlier and hit the gym…. Daily.

It’s easier to sit at a piano and run, what feels like, a mundane and lifeless scale.

It’s easy to watch a forever long Youtube tutorial about how to build your own website.

Discipline comes more gracefully to those who have decided to be proactive.

The time passes anyway. Start today. With a thought.

You’ve survived so much in your life already.

You can conquer a thought.

You can take a thought and master it and bend it into something that serves you.

You are powerful.

You are uniquely gifted.

You are a problem…. A force to be reckoned with… and 2019 is the year that you step into this true identity.

This is the year.

The year of You.

The year of owning and walking in your identity.

Start today.

Proactivity Practice numero uno:

Write down at least 3 things in your life that you are dissatisfied with, be that a job, a relationship, your income, your dog that keeps peeing on the rug, your neighbor, etc… And then I want you to write a proactive response to a possible situation concerning each thing.

Write down how you could make a choice or respond to these situations in a way that brings you at least more peace than you already have.

Think about ways in which you can utilize your unique power to observe, become more self aware and choose.

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