Finding Your Tribe


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*Exhale* Good, I’m extremely relieved to be in good company… it’s been a long week to say the least. Exactly 8 days since I turned in my resignation letter and 7 days until I’m officially a full time musician. Don’t worry, we’re still going to discuss branding elements today! And I won’t be at all offended if you scroll down (Building Your Tribe) to the part of this article that serves you…

But if I were to give a slight check-in 8 days in and 7 days out…. I feel good.

I feel a deep tiredness from all the busyness that has consumed me in my mission to earn enough money this month to cover my January expenses without dipping into my 3- Month emergency fund… but I’m good.

My mornings start often at 4:30a.m. where I roll out of bed and log in to teach English to kids in China for about $20 bucks an hour. I’ve been lucky or blessed enough to have a full schedule for the past two weeks so this revenue stream is looking good right now.

If early mornings don’t scare you, you can learn more about becoming an English instructor for extra dough and check out the platform here!

Stay at home moms and hustlers alike have quoted making up to 2k a month using the platform. I’m not 100% booked for the entire month and I prefer to sleep in some days so I’m only on track to earn around $400 to $500 this month, but that’s honestly not bad if you ask me. Its still a “Time traded for profit” income stream but I enjoy it more than Ubering or Postmating.

Finishing up around 6:30 or 7a.m. I typically then clock in to my outgoing “9 to 5” polishing off outstanding administrative tasks and finishing projects recorded from the previous day (I’m an audio engineer and producer for a Music Non-Profit). Typically, I’ll throw breakfast in the oven or toaster and force feed during this session. My morning hours for this role usually run about 3 or 4 hours, but I’ve been powering through longer sessions to ensure that all my i’s and t’s are doted and crossed and to ensure that my final project is impeccable.

So it’s not until about 12ish (based on this week) that I have a moment for a mini nap… or coffee run or both… before heading into the studio physically to work one on one with young artists.

On the artistic front… I have 2 gigs looming in the very near future, both paying, so that’s nice…
iHeartRadio’s 101.1 The Beat’s #BandAndBrunch Event and my very own Coloured Live

I still have my freelance work through Soundfly, which I absolutely love doing consultant work for!

And I have my brand new branding/music business course that I’m launching! I basically took the things that I paid $60,000 to learn over 10 months (Shoutout to Berklee) and $50,000 to learn over 4 years (Blue Raiders!) and about 6 years of working under other PR Desks and firms and trial and error from my own brand and condensed it into a 6 week program valued at about $4,000 and then cut that price all the way down to under $600 to make it more attainable to learners. And I’m super proud of my Branding Boot Camp.

There’s so many things that I acquired in my $110,000 studies that I wanted to be able to share with EVERY ONE of my clients, so I’m very excited to be offering a course that breaks down the fundamental truths for monetizing your brand. These are things that are true for you no matter what you do or create or sound like. This is the blueprint to finding your “1,000” fans that will purchase up to $100 from you a year (remember that $100,000 annual income I mentioned before?).

Of course I will still be tracking my own personal journey with brand monetization here and dropping a plethora of resources for you to embark on this journey as well. But I know there’s a number of people who want to learn the blueprint yesterday…. so this course is for them.

All of that to say…. I’m EXHAUSTED… but my bills are and will continue to be paid and eventually the tired will give way to systems running smoothly in place and me having space to think about things that are NOT my business…. whew.

Any-who… Today’s Lesson

How to Spot Your Tribe

Who is your tribe? They’re your people… your Superfans… the people that buy what you’re selling, metaphorically and literally.

We all seem to understand something about the concept of “Superfans” and why they’re important, but no one seems to be talking about how to find them!?!

Where are these magical people that will love everything that I do and happily purchase my products or services?

My child… they are exactly where you left them.

A key way to discover your tribe is to understand who they are: they’re habits, their interests etc. Create a profile of your Superfan!

Mine might be:

Alexandria, F, 19
She’s a sophmore in college from North Carolina attending school at Clark-Atlanta in GA. She studies Biology but she’s an avid music fan. She listens to Sza, Lorde, Bruno Mars, and Paramore. She shops at Fashion Nova and Forever 21. She just got her first car 2 months ago. She uses Twitter to participate in discussions but she searches Instagram tags frequently to find lifestyle accounts that inspire her. She has both a vision board and a mood board that she keeps under her bed.

Now that I’ve described exactly who my Superfan is, I know where to find her. I know what platforms she uses, I know what she’s searching for on those platforms, and most importantly I now know how to present myself to her on these platforms.

I know what she’s interested in and that my content aligns. This is the key…. honestly you could take this one piece of information, go forth and amass a million followers and move the needle in your business incredibly in just the next two months with this info…. I’m not kidding.

In fact I think I’ll follow up with a few stories of creatives and entrepreneurs who were able to break over $200,000 in sales in their first year JUST by understanding who their Superfan or Perfect Customer was.

Okay but maybe…. you’re my mom. (Hi, mom) You’re a pastor. And you’re looking to attract a different kind of “Superfan”. How does this translate to you? It works the same. She and I are working to set up the Facebook page for her church. This is perfect. I don’t claim to know a lot about churches but I know a LOT of churchfolk who use facebook. So we can say that my mom’s already on the right platform. Although the page will be used primarily to convey important Church news, it can also become a beacon of hopes for those who cannot reach her church physically.

By understanding what hashtags or search topics people of Faith or people searching for faith may be using she can target and present her content to those people while they are searching.. Her page can become a way to share hope and a message of light with people without a physical church home and it can be used as a way to find partners who may be interested in hosting events with or financially the church.

Knowing WHO your tribe is tells you WHERE to find them and WHAT to use to attract them.

I honestly don’t want to go any further… I want to let that soak in. I want you to make a Superfan or Perfect Customer Profile RIGHT NOW.

Go. Do. It.

If you want you can email me your profile and we can bounce ideas around about it.