Make $200 by the end of the week....

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Oh my goodness I’m so glad that you came back!

I’m so thankful that all the debt speak didn’t scare you off.

Knowledge is power and knowing where you stand financially is at the core of launching any brand or small business profitably. So I’m hoping that you were brave enough to take a peek at your numbers and start making some profit projections based on your costs of living and other factors.

Okay so for today… treat this blog like a choose your own adventure book.

If you’d like to delve into a handy method of increasing tranquility and profiting $200 this week, Keep reading…. If you’d like to skip past the money talk and jump straight into the Branding work, scroll down to the section labeled Brand Assets!

Dinero Hero

Now that we’ve spoken about getting a snapshot of your financial health, let’s talk about becoming a dinero hero… a green machine… a money honey…. you get my drift.

Whereas a lot of the pay off in monetizing a brand - be you a musician, a photographer, a promoter, or a start up founder - lies in staying consistent and diligently building a loyal following, there are things that you can do today to start amassing some capital.

One of my favorite things to do as someone newly committed to keeping my thumb on the pulse of my finances is to earn everything that I spend. For instance, yesterday I really REALLY needed to get my eyebrows shaped, but I only really have about $600 left in the budget that I created for November. And with a number of bills, like credit card payments and phone services still outstanding, you can imagine that my budget for luxuries (though I find eyebrow shaping to arguably be a necessity) is non-existent. So what’s a savvy saver who’s tired of a unibrow to do???

Set an earning target.

My luxury of having two individual eyebrows and no mustache set me back $17 that shouldn’t come out of my budget for necessities. So I know now that I need to earn $17 more than my average monthly income to cover this expense. This may look like, staying late at work (if overtime is offered, job does not), selling something on Facebook Market or Craigslist for $17, Picking up extra clients for consultancy work, Ubering, DoorDashing, WagWalking, asking a parent for $20…. you get my drift.

What you want to start to do is to make sure that all your expenses are paying for themselves. Ideally you want to do this with all your expenses, but I’d start with things that fall into the category of luxury, as in if I don’t have this I WILL die or go homeless or fall ill or damage my credit score. Although I will note on that last one, that credit score means very little to me personally in the midst of my mission to pay off debt. I have a home, I have a car, I have two lines of credit, and I’m done with my education so I can afford for my CS to falter a bit while I get my ducks in a row to build a savings account (and I have) and pay down debt in order of smallest to largest amount (I am). I can talk more about a variety of ways to pay off debt later if people are interested…

But moving forward… let’s say you have no luxury expense (Rock on!) but you could still stand to profit say… a smooth 200 bucks this week. You could use the money to start a website or design and order business cards, you could start an e-commerce store or a small business bank account, or you could start to allot funds for Christmas gifts, or you could restart your savings account (I know you been transferring from savings to checkings, fam).

Regardless of why a quick profit piques your interest, here’s the quickest way to do it…

It’s a Stick Up! Empty Your Closet!

So much money on the floor… literally

So much money on the floor… literally

Thanks to easily accessible digital yard sale spaces like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Letgo (app),and Offerup (app) you can turn your un-used items into cash fairly quickly. I listed about $220 worth of items (like 10 things) ranging from electronics to clothing a few hours ago and I already have a number of buyers lined up.

I know it’s not easy to part with your things and its even less easy (is that grammatically correct?) to dig through your closet and organize things to sale but the trade offs are pretty sweet.

  1. Freeing up physical clutter also frees up mental clutter. By cleaning out unused items you give yourself a greater sense of peace and enhance your ability to focus on tasks (like launching your new Youtube Channel that you keep telling people about but never doing). It also reduces your sense of anxiety and helps to combat seasonal depression. Spring cleaning is nice, but Winter clearing is better.

  2. Quick Cash to buy things that you actually want or need. Need I say more?

  3. It encourages the spirit of usefulness. You begin to see your everyday items as assets that either add value to you through use or potential sales. This also increases your ability to make concise decisions and to understand the market value of an array of products or services.

  4. In line with the “everything pays for itself” notion, you begin to teach yourself frugality as everything becomes measured in hours worked. You’ll consciously consider if purchases are worth an hour of your hardworking time or your currently owned goods.

Just some food for thought.

Now that I’ve talked your ear off about money and spending accountability, let’s dive into some branding work.

Brand Assets

One of the first things I ask my branding clients is, “What are your assets?” Your assets are anything within your arsenal that add value to your brand. Examples: Your webpage, your social media pages, your music catalog, your photography portfolio, your model tear sheets, your product ideas and prototypes, your skills, your business cards, your laptop… etc What do you own that will help you execute whatever it is that you do and share what it is you do with a potential fan or customer?

Make a list of your assets. Then ensure that they are all consistent with your brand. I’m going to say this until I’m blue in the face and you hate me. MAKE IT ALL CONSISTENT. The profile user picture you use on your Facebook Page should be the same avi you use for your Instagram account. And the same background header you use on your Twitter page should be the same header that you use for Youtube Channel Art and your Facebook Page Header… you get my drift?

This is especially important for small business owners, organizations, and artists. Brand recognition is the name of the game and you want to ensure that your audience will recognize you on any and every platform that they encounter you on. This also helps Google to rank all of your brand assets together in search results.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.50.03 AM.png

When you google “KadyRoxz”, there’s no denying that you’ve found me. All of my pages, media, articles appear together and hold a consistent aesthetic. On a good day, Google even creates an information panel for me. (It won’t now that I’ve pulled my music from all streaming services and online stores, there’s not enough data.) But that is to say, that data is the name of the game and it is your job to populate your assets with as much consistent data as possible.

Creating a consistent brand gives a sleek and professional feel that encourages your audience to spend money and outside brands to invest. And eventually, what you want to try to cultivate is “1,000 true fans” or 1,000 customers, donors, etc that are invested in your brand enough to buy any product that you sale to them. All of the tasks that we discuss in this blog will be developing methods to find, engage, and keep your 1,000 true fans.

Consistent branding sounds incredibly elementary. But its incredibly important to developing and launching your marketing plan.

That said…

Make sure that you check off the list from last week. Pick official photos, colors, and fonts. Develop that aesthetic. And get BRANDING!

The Official Roxz header that can be found across platforms

The Official Roxz header that can be found across platforms

As ever… holla at me with comments, thoughts, and questions in the comment section below. I want to keep the info as relevant as possible, because as you know… time is money!

Ciao my loves…